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A Bold & Balanced Home

Project Location – Vile Parle, Mumbai

Typology and Square Footage – Residential, 2000 sq.ft

Design Team –  Sanshriti Mehta, Akshaya Mestry

Spread across 2000 square feet, this residential space has an overarching sense of fluidity that permeates the apartment thanks to the custom designed furniture pieces, a unique colour palette and repeated details that tie the space together. 


Our clients  are a well traveled family of three and have a great collection of art, artefacts, antiquities and other bits collected over the years. The couple likes to entertain and cook, so it was important to have a generous living and dining area that would work to host their friends and families. That was also one of the reasons why we replanned the original clinic to become a large three-bedroom home, with an expanded living and dining space to accommodate a larger seating area and dedicated dining space with an open kitchen.  


They wanted to shift away from the faux traditional details as well as the cold, cookie-cutter finishes & designs— for a more modern aesthetic with a new colour palette. This inspired us to weave a common language of textures, materials and aesthetically happy colour blocking. We decided to add colours through furniture pieces,upholstery and balanced it out with white rendered ceilings, walls and grey floors.


Each piece in this home is custom designed to look geometric and abstract, almost architectural. Subtle details and materiality amplify the home’s honest character and feel. Our idea was to create a well-balanced and harmonious space, and our designs reflect the clients’ personalities, so each is unique. Bold décor elements are carefully laid against a muted grey backdrotp, balancing opulence and finesse, heritage and modernity. 

Defined geometric shapes, oversized arches and distinct column silhouettes in striking colour act as simple yet elegant features, softening the severity of the minimalist architecture of the space. Throughout the design process, different mediums are used, from playful colour schemes, bold patterns, melange of materials and fine details to enhance a joyful and surprising architecture.

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