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Wok This Way, Andheri

Wok This Way is a quick service cafe serving traditional Asian cuisines with innovative combinations of locally sourced vegetables. The client brief given to us was simple, they wanted to create a cafe that would have an oriental look and feel and would also have an overall strong sense of identity as a space that will stand out in a neighborhood which is overly crowded with restaurants and cafes. Our idea was to create a space that would go along with the kind of food Wok this Way offers- simple, clean, organic, while also creating a bright and inviting cafe that adds a whimsical pop of orange to the block, as orange is their brand colour.

Since it was a tiny space of roughly 350 sq.ft. with a high ceiling, we wanted to create a more intimate experience while bringing out the oriental element in a subtle way. A combination of pale wooden seating and table tops along with white walls and black ceiling, set against an orange wall, can be seen to make the space look bigger and brighter. To add the informality of a street like feel, we used grey terrazzo floor tiles throughout the space along with lantern like lighting. To have maximum visibility, the entire cafe facade has clear glass panels with a combination of orange powder coated aluminium sections and solid paneling at the top and bottom.



Photographer - Anish Padalkar

Contractor - Shree Interiors

Status - Completed - 2019

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