Icefrost, Bandra

Driven by a combination of a minimal look and budget constraints, we had to work with limited elements while enhancing the space better with the lighting used. The owner wanted to combine two adjacent shops into an open dessert cafe with some outdoor seating. Our biggest challenge was to transform these two narrow shops into one space that looked more open and refreshing.


The rear end of the space is used as the open kitchen area along with a storage room tucked in the corner behind. The front space is the main dining space which has a table and high chair set up on both sides with some outdoor seating as you enter the shop. The space was designed with white, grey and blue as major hues, keeping a clean, bright backdrop to highlight the desserts offered.

We used grey terrazzo tiles in combination with glossy blue tiles on the floor and partially continuing on the walls and the service counter. The top half of both the walls were cladded with mirrors and white back painted glass to make the space look bigger and more open. The use of these materials in different geometric forms, grids and shapes added a sense of layering to the overall space and played an important role in shaping up the interiors of this cafe.



Photographer - Anish Padalkar

Status - Completed - March 2019